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Manage the budget and performance of your storage system

As a storage professional, how do you deliver the performance and uptime you promised while still maintaining your budget commitment? CIOview provides a unique set of software products that will get your storage TCO to the lowest point possible. By combining the design rules and component costs for more than 100 different arrays, CIOviews software helps you make and document two of the most difficult decisions storage professionals face: when does it make financial sense to migrate off an old platform, and which storage vendor is offering you the best deal? Read more
IT Consultant Program
CIOview has launched a new program just for IT Consultants. The program includes opportunities for discounts, certification, and even group licensing! Learn more about the program and how you can join.
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Try SecurityNOW!

Breakthrough software to analyze your security infrastructure, identify your weak points, and determine the cost and technology to fix them.   Learn more and get a free copy!
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Extending the Lifecycle of a CIO

A Fortune 500 CIO was reportedly let go when their company spent more than $10 million on a new application without a formal specification and design. Read more.
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