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White Papers

Disk Storage: How Much is that Doggie in the Window?
Extending the Lifecycle of a CIO
Part 2: Extending the Lifecycle of a CIO
The War on Security Can(not) Be Won
Taking the Guesswork Out of Security: SecurityNOW!
Popping Purple Pills: Is your accounting firm the right gatekeeper for IT Security?
Would You Like to Super-size?: Choosing the Right Hardware Size for Your Company
Virtualization: Benefits of a "Candy Bowl" Strategy
What is the True Cost of Storage?
TCO, NPV, EVA, IRR, ROI: Getting the Terms Right
How to Craft an Effective ROI Analysis
A CFO's Perspective on ERP/CRM
Business Benefits of Utilizing ROI Analysis
Quick Start: Real World Definitions of Financial Terms
Comprehensive Tutorial on ROI and Financial Metrics for Non-Financial Executives
Market Analysis: Motivations for Utilizing ROI Analysis in IT Purchasing

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