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About CIOview

CIOview Corp., Acton, Mass., USA, is the industry leader in validating the financial value proposition of specific IT solutions and creating financial assessment tools that allow organizations to conduct personalized financial impact assessments for themselves.

CIOview is the choice of IT managers worldwide for its depth of technical knowledge, implementation experience, and exacting financial metrics in evaluating information technology. CIOview’s business modeling tools help senior managers make level-headed decisions about technology intended to improve their business’s performance, ensuring that they align their technology purchases with their business goals.

CIOview’s flagship product line, ROI/TCOnow!, is used by thousands of companies and organizations in over fifty countries. More than eighty versions of ROInow! and TCOnow! have been delivered. CIOview’s tools evaluate broad technologies such as storage, as well as providing specific value propositions for the solutions of numerous IT industry leaders, including Microsoft, IBM, BMC, Intel and EMC. In addition, its popular ROInow! Consultant is used by organizations worldwide to quantify exactly what is the ROI of a multitude of IT solutions.

CIOview’s founders are industry thought-leaders in the area of financial impact of technology, and have dedicated their research to that topic for the past twelve years. They authored the most widely distributed study on Return on Investment of Technology, with over 165,000 copies distributed worldwide. In the mid-90s, CIOview’s founders realized they had stretched spreadsheet technology to its limit, and began looking into a more effective approach, and ROInow! was born. Now, CIOview develops and markets the fourth generation of business value technology tools, the most powerful and flexible available anywhere.