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IT Consultant Resources

Program Overview

As an IT Consultant, your workload can be:

    • Notoriously large
    • Hampered by getting the information you need from your clients
    • Short on time for your true value add ("what-if" analysis)
    • Enormously burdensome to generate client deliverables quickly

CIOview's software suites address these issues and allow IT Consultants to configure, cost and compare hundreds of different IT solutions. Results can be achieved in a matter of hours versus weeks or months.


What's more beneficial than using our software solutions:

Make CIOview software readily accessible throughout your organization. With our IT Consultant Program, we make it more affordable than ever to distribute and use our software. Some of the key benefits to your organization include the ability to create standards and consistency in client engagements; create metrics for certification and training of technologies; systematically decrease time and effort in client engagements.


Some of the features of our software are:

    • Pricing and performance data on more than 700 servers
    • Salary, benefit and office space costs for 52 countries
    • Financial assumptions common to each industry
    • Detailed models that include options for partitioning, mirroring and in many cases virtualization
    • Workload specific performance data
    • Specific system configuration recommendations


Get more info:

Get more info about our IT Consulting Program today and your company can begin benefiting from deep discounts, consistency in client engagements, generated metrics from certification, and reduction in time and effort in creating deliverables. Ready to start? Apply to become a member of the IT Consultant Program.