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SnapShot IT Value Analysis

Promotional Offering:

If you purchase a SnapShot and decide you would like a month long software license (giving you increased functionality and ability to automatically generate a 30+ page business report), you will receive $199 off the purchase price of the software license! That is 20-65% off a month long license! Additional information is included with the delivery of your SnapShot.

SnapShot IT Value Analysis is a revolutionary program created by CIOview to help you make rapid and fully informed decisions about how to best spend your technology budget. You can now attack the decision-making process head-on, armed with the information you need to make the most optimal long-term technology decisions. Evaluating technology initiatives has never been easier. SnapShot analysis leverages CIOview's objective, independent TCOnow! and ROInow! software to:

  • Slash the time to complete a TCO comparison or ROI analysis from 30 days to 15 minutes
  • Provide an objective analysis of multiple operating systems, applications and architectures
  • Deliver a customized SnapShot showing how you can save money and where your benefits are derived
  • Use the SnapShot as a starting point for an in-depth analysis of hundreds of assumptions.

An Incredible Value

SnapShot IT Value cuts the time and effort to create a comprehensive IT business value analysis from 30 days to less than half an hour, saving you potentially thousands of dollars in consulting fees and days in lost time!  With each SnapShot analysis you also get access to the powerful benchmarking and modeling capabilities of CIOview's TCOnow! or ROInow! software, normally licensed at $4,999+ per year. All this for just $199.


An Objective Analysis Customized to Your Needs

Each SnapShot IT Value analysis combines your answers on the SnapShot Web form with over 25MB of modeling and assumptions to provide you with an objective, independent analysis. The analysis is customized to your industry, your workload, your existing infrastructure, and your strategic requirements. There is no black box, every assumption and detail is accessible to you in both:

  • Your customized SnapShot comparison which lays out in a graphical, one-page presentation the TCO/ROI by all major costs categories; a detailed results summary including availability; and a recommended IT configuration. See a sample TCO SnapShot.
  • Your electronic project file allows you to perform what-if analysis and verify the hundreds of assumptions underlying your SnapShot analysis. Use it with the complementary presentation license of CIOview's desktop software.

TCO: Enterprise Storage
TCO: Disk

Three Easy Steps

CIOview SnapShots are a great way to get an initial analysis of your IT purchase. SnapShots are $199 each and are customized to your needs.

Step 1: Use the SnapShot Web form to capture your project details, including workloads and rollout plans. Answer fewer than 20 questions about your organization and project, click submit.

Step 2: Register with CIOview and enter payment information so we know where to send your results, and you're done!

Step 3: Within 24 hours, you'll receive an email with your exclusive one-page SnapShot analysis, your customized project file, and a complimentary copy of CIOview's TCOnow! or ROInow! desktop software.

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