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What are ROInow! and TCOnow!?

CIOview has two main product families- ROInow! and TCOnow! While both products conduct financial and technical analysis, there are clear differences between them. ROInow! analyzes the costs and benefits of a potential solution and TCOnow! compares two options on the basis of costs. Understanding the differences is key to creating the best business case possible.


ROInow! is a software tool that gathers the total costs and benefits of implementing a product, technology or solution. It then presents the results in a business report designed for executive decision-making. The report includes all applicable charts and tables, as well as the key financial metrics (Return on Investment, Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value, and Payback Period.


TCOnow! is a software tool that compares one technology approach to another. Using TCOnow! you get a detailed, side-by-side comparison of different options for your IT initiative. For example, you can compare hardware platform choices in TCOnow! for ERP/CRM. You can also compare software version choices and their effect on TCO in TCOnow! for Novell NetWare. Some of the cost factors compared with TCOnow! include: availability and downtime, IT overhead costs, human resources costs, and software application costs.

What are the differences?

TCOnow! is useful when an organization is trying to make a purchase decision and is in the process of evaluating alternatives. TCOnow! illustrates how the choices you make affect your costs. It creates a side-by-side comparison of costs by category for up to five years forward. You will be able to see if your lowest cost purchase option will continue to be your lowest cost option as you take into account all the factors required to run your system over 3, 4 and 5 years. ROInow! is valuable when you have made a decision to go forward with a certain product, technology or solution, and want to fully understand what to expect financially. ROInow! delves into the total costs of your project, and captures the financial benefits. From this, it determines the financial impact your new technology initiative will have on your organization, and presents it in terms of Return on Investment, Payback Period, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, and other financial measures appropriate for executive level decision-making.

What are the similarities?

Each ROInow! product includes a knowledgebase of financial benefits and costs for that product, technology or solution. There are hundreds of data points for costs as well as benefits, and it has a built-in, patent-pending financial methodology used by thousands of IT executives over the world.

The information is amassed from user experiences and the experience of third parties involved with that technology. This ensures you won't miss a financial benefit with the planned new technology just because you aren't familiar with it.

In-depth what-if analysis is simple with CIOview's ROI Analyzer. With one click you can change any assumption, from rollout schedule to depreciation method, and instantly see the results. The customized 30-page report is produced automatically, and is CFO-ready.

Both product families are designed to meet the rigorous financial demands of CFOs.