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These are statements from internal surveys by IT vendors on the use of our tools:

"Basically the tool boosts sales, reducing the sales cycle and makes the prospect a lot less price sensitive"
-Sales Manager

"Our sales people are not going in with PowerPoint anymore, they are using this (ROInow!) instead"
-Field Ops Manager

"The software was key in a $4m deal"
-ROI Program Manager

"I'm now in a dialogue about ROI with a CEO who would not return my calls previously"
-Sales Rep.


Business Value Selling

Benefits of ROI and TCO-based selling

Using Return on Investment and Total Cost of Ownership as a basis to sell is powerful. Whether you are selling your idea internally, or establishing a recommendation as a vendor or consultant, the results are difficult to ignore. Once you tie financial returns to technical decisions, the answers appear...opening the doors to additional financial rewards.

Reduced Sales Cycle

  • Research by one of the largest IT vendors found that 90% of $1m deals close in 1 year or more, but with financial justification the figure is reduced to an average of 6 months.
  • If you consider the time value of money (5%) for one $1m deal, reducing this from 12 months to six months will save you $25,000 alone.

Reduced Business Case Preparation time

  • Another IT vendor discovered the fully expensed annual cost of a sales person is $300,000 and the total time taken to build a business case was 4.5 days.
  • The same study reported savings in preparation time with CIOview of 4 days, a total saving of $8,000 for each business case produced.

Less Discounting Pressure

  • By making the prospect fully aware of all the costs/benefits they become less price sensitive, enabling vendors to discount less and achieve list prices more frequently.

Avoidance of Deal Misconfigurations

  • Research shows that 80% IT deals are incorrectly configured because the sales person forgets to add a software or hardware item.
  • With the automatic configuration available in CIOview tools, that figure is reduced to 10%.

Sales & Business Partner Training Savings

  • CIOview tools educate sales people in the real value of product. Traditional product training involves expensive off-site multi-day sessions.
  • Keeping Sales people up-to-date with product & pricing changes is also an overhead that can be avoided by using CIOview tools.