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These are statements from internal surveys by IT vendors on the use of our tools:

"Basically the tool boosts sales, reducing the sales cycle and makes the prospect a lot less price sensitive"
-Sales Manager

"Our sales people are not going in with PowerPoint anymore, they are using this (ROInow!) instead"
-Field Ops Manager

"The software was key in a $4m deal"
-ROI Program Manager

"I'm now in a dialogue about ROI with a CEO who would not return my calls previously"
-Sales Rep.


Support All Stages of IT Decision-Making

Different levels of analysis are required at different stages of the decision-making cycle. CIOview's software supports of all the stages:

Step 1. Qualification Step 2. Gather requirements Step 3. Design Solution Step 4. Demo Step 5. Budget Approval
SnapShot Software Software Software Business Report
Brief overview of situation (15 min) Determine customer needs (1-2 hours) Software will determine optimal solution (1-3 days) Perform 'what-if' analysis of implementation scenarios Present business case for CIO, CEO, CFO.

SnapShot: A web-based assessment. A SnapShot gives you a broad brush view of your total costs and benefits; TCO SnapShot provides a side-by-side comparison of different options.

Software: Comprehensive analysis, utilizing a knowledgebase specific to the technology solution, combined with benchmark industry data from leading IT researchers and a robust inference engine. Add your unique profile and requirements to uncover your comprehensive costs and benefits. Perform unlimited "what-if" analysis, using built-in financial methodology.

Report: A 30-page business case, designed to answer all the questions a CIO, CFO and CEO have about the financial implications of your information technology investment.